Scientific-Educational complex

Educational complex “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”  and Mykolayiv educational, scientific and cultural center were created in order to create as national centers of higher education and humanitarian cultural centers.

On March 14, 2002 – between NaUKMA and BSNU the educational complex “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” was created. On January 16, 2004 they signed the additional agreement with the Kyiv Mohyla Academy, which provides:

  • Joint preliminary and entrance examination
  • Possibility for students of both universities to listen to some courses with mutual admission tests and examinations
  • By the recommendation of the Academic Council NaUKMA can accept bachelor or master program non-degree students with their subsequent transfer to degree students.
  • Publication of mutual collections “Scientific Works”of Kyiv Mohyla Academy and BSNU.
  • Organization and holding of joint meetings, seminars, workshops, international conferences “Days of Science of NaUKMA” “Mohyla’s readings” etc.

On January 16, 2003 – the number of Mykolaiv educational scientific and cultural complex participants was extended with the help of leading secondary schools, colleges, high schools and universities of I-II levels of accreditation:

Mykolaiv Municipal Collegium
Mykolaiv regional economic lyceum № 1
Mykolaiv first Ukrainian Humanitarian Gymnasium
Mykolaiv Regional Law Lyceum
Mykolaiv  Primary and secondary school № 1 named after  Oleg  Olzhych
Mykolaiv Specialized School № 22

Mykolaiv Humanitarian gymnasium № 2
Voznesensk High School
Yuzhny school complex № 4, Odessa region
Mykolaiv Primary and secondary school  № 50
Mykolaiv Humanitarian Gymnasium № 41
Mykolaiv Humanitarian gymnasium № 3
Mykolaiv Primary and secondary school № 3
Mykolaiv Primary and secondary school №6

Primary and secondary school “Kherson college” named after  Eugene Malaniuka
Mykolaiv Primary and secondary school №11

Complex guarantees:

Sharing modern teaching and laboratory facilities, equipment, library fund and attract the best lecturers.

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