On January 17, 1998 Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University opened the art gallery. Ancient and noble tradition of creating centers of national culture in academic institutions was revived.
The University, first among the educational institutions of Mykolaiv, created the gallery of art, showing a conscious concern for aesthetic, spiritual growth of students in communicating with real works of art, spiritual culture, rather than with fakes which young popular culture often offers. This project was realized by the Rector of the University  Klimenko L.P.  and (then) vice-rector for educational work Bandura V.N. and Mykolaiv famous artist, Honored Artist of Ukraine, Senkevich S.F., who supported and inspired the whole team.

Assuming that the basis of the artistic life is the interrelation between the artist, the work and the public, in the subsystem appears such phenomenon as needs for art,  and the Art Gallery (among other cultural organizations and art)has to capture and satisfy that need. That’s why for many years the gallery is the center of communication of students, schoolchildren, all university employees, art lovers not only with artistic works, but with most creators, artists, masters of arts and crafts, sculpture, art photos and so on.

These creative meetings allow developing creative, ideological and humanistic, cultural and artistic traditions of our people and passing them to future generations. Exhibitions that took and are taking place in the Art Gallery attract with their high artistic level and variety. It is not only the opening days of Mykolaiv artists but also artists from Kyiv, Odessa and Yuzhny. Center of Spiritual Culture in Voznesensk exhibited its computer copies works of famous marine painters and landscape artists of the past: Sudkovskoho R.G., I.K. Aivazovsky, Levitan I.I., A.K. Savrasov and masterpieces of the Renaissance – the works of Leonardo da Vinci.

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