Faculty of law

Students of law faculty must have an appropriate level of political, moral and psychological culture: have clearly formed fundamental principles of philosophy as general awareness about the world and their place in it, about the ways of implementation in terms of reality their living programs; form the philosophical, economic, political thinking; understand the problems of the market economy, social, national, historical and demographic processes of society.

The curriculum for “Bachelor in Law” involves study of the following disciplines: I. Statutory subjects: 1.1. Course of humanitarian and socio-economic disciplines: history of Ukraine, Ukrainian business language, philosophy, psychology and pedagogy foundations, religious, basics of economic theory, political science, sociology, foreign language, physical training.1.2. Course of fundamental and professionally oriented disciplines: logic, legal ethics, the theory of state and law, history of law of Ukraine, history of state and law of foreign countries, the history of doctrines of state and law, judicial and law enforcement authorities, the constitutional right of Ukraine, constitutional law of foreign countries, administrative law, financial law, civil law, family law, criminal law, labor law, environmental law, criminal procedure, civil procedure, criminology, international public law, business law, environmental law, security of life and the CO, Fundamentals of computer equipment. I. Selective Courses: 2.1. Course of professionally oriented disciplines: agrarian law, private international law, the foundations of Roman law, commercial litigation, forensic medicine and psychiatry, housing law, penal law, criminology, corporate law, banking law, human rights and their zahyst.2.2. Course of elective disciplines: Ukraine notariate, judicial rhetoric, stock exchange law, judicial accounting, ethics, tax law, legal statistics, aesthetics, regulation of foreign investments in Ukraine, Latin language.

The curriculum for “Specialist in Law” involves study of the following disciplines: I. Statutory subjects: 1.1. Course of humanitarian and socio-economic disciplines: Information Technology in jurisprudence, labor protection in the sphere.1.2. Course of fundamental and professionally oriented subjects: advocacy, general and procedural documentation, Legal Psychology, Social Security Law, intellectual property. I. Selective Courses: 2.1. Course of professionally oriented disciplines: information law, regulation bankruptcy, legal regulation of securities, contract law, EU Law, the administrative process, administrative responsibility.2.2. Course of elective disciplines: customs law, international commercial arbitration, comparative suffrage and parliamentarism, professional liability lawyer contemporary issues of law, topical issues of regional and local rule-making, approval of the supremacy of law, cooperation between Ukraine and the UN.

Teaching staff of BSNU already have considerable experience of teaching, especially foreign language, because any department of the university has at least 1,300 hours for foreign language. Starting with the 3rd year students of all faculties study the second foreign language (German, French,  Spanish). The university has the group successfully studying Chinese. Two representatives of the “Peace Corps” successfully work in BSNU for many years. “Forensics” discipline is taught in law faculty. To provide practical classes of the discipline there is well established material base, which includes study of criminology (equipped with modern technical and forensic devices. With their help students deeply study techniques of forensic examinations), lab, forensic testing ground and forensic equipment, tools, methods. Senior lecturer of civil and criminal law and procedure, V. Konovalov is currently working on technical and forensic support of the learning process. With the aim of deepening the humanitarian and general philological training in BSNU curriculum of university includes such sciences as ethics, aesthetics, rhetoric, logic, besides the modern specialist should be highly professional in computer technology. In the field of law, electronic data collection and analysis of relevant information became widely widespread.  That’s why BSNU increases the number of hours to master the course “Fundamentals of Computer Science” by 5 times compared to the educational requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (268 hours vs. 54) .To obtain the specialty “Jurisprudence” at BSNU was created all the necessary conditions. It’s necessary to emphasize the ability of future lawyers to work modern electronic equipment. Students can also use the large library including books, profession manuals in Ukrainian, Russian and English languages (about 10 000 copies) .Fruitful work of the faculty couldn’t be possible without efforts of those who helped the students find themselves in their chosen profession, show their abilities. It’s necessary to mention librarians of the reading rooms, which not only provide students with literature but also provide with expert advice, conduct bibliographical review, organize thematic exhibitions. Faculty has law clinic, photo lab and forensics cabinet, computer classes, scientific and educational literature reading rooms.

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